How To Choose A Wedding Celebrant

Finding the right celebrant for your wedding can be tough; after all, their job is an important one on the day, so you want the right fit. But, what’s the best way to choose your wedding celebrant?

To most couples, the ceremony is the most important part of their big day, so of course, marriage celebrants are a big part of this. Here are some hints and tips to help you choose the perfect celebrant to officiate your marriage.

Choosing the one for you

In Australia, 80% of marriages are performed by a civil celebrant, and choosing the right celebrant for your wedding day is very important. The right celebrant will be able to work closely with you, understand exactly what you want and help you achieve your storytelling. They will have knowledge when it comes to certain traditions and beliefs, will offer any suggestions and help you decide on what should be included in the ceremony and what should be left out.

Make sure you take the time to invest in the right celebrant; picking just anyone to officiate your wedding will definitely get noticed by guests. The right celebrant will get the day rolling along nicely.

How other couples are choosing their celebrants

Based on the feedback we received in our 2020 Annual Wedding Industry Report, there are several methods couples undertake to find the perfect celebrant for their big day.


Couples are starting to do more research into celebrants, and we have seen a 56% jump in the amount of people looking to online reviews to help make their decision. Reviews come from real people who have previously dealt with a celebrant, so it is a great way to understand how they work with other couples, what they offer and how friendly they are.

There are several places couples can find reviews online, such as Google, Facebook or the celebrant’s website or Easy Weddings storefront. This is a great way to get a different range of reviews from different people.


If you’re lucky enough, you may have a friend or family member who was recently married and can give you the name of their celebrant. Word-of-mouth referrals are a great way for couples to find their celebrant, and 21% agree with this. You already trust your friends and family, so getting a referral from them is pretty much a green light for some!